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Reason #80 to live downtown the Pink Chief Boutique

The Downtown Macon experience entails a booming business district, shopping, and walking trails. If you are planning on moving to any area in Macon, downtown is the choice for you. There is a commitment by all of us to promote safety, unity, and flare in this region of the city. We believe that Downtown Macon is a wholly unique place- a spectacular showcase of style, flavor, entertainment and fun. Downtown Macon has an indulgence for every passion and every pocket. It’s antique shops, fine galleries, restaurants, museums, pubs, and unique shops, like the Pink Chief Boutique, are all within walking distance of the urban shopping experience. Macon’s Historic districts tell of Macon’s past with antebellum homes and turn of the century market squares. Pink Chief Boutique is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Downtown Macon.

Pink Chief Boutique is happy to offer the most current trends, classic styles, and unique alternatives to enhance any woman’s wardrobe. Colorful and fun daily wear, out on the town evening attire, and all that in between. Pink Chief Boutique targets the person with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends. We call ourselves Pink Chiefs because we are dedicated, love and live to shop for unique shoes, clothes, pocketbooks, and jewelry. Pink Chiefs are smart and savy shoppers that want the best. “Go forth and conquer your events.” As always life is an event.

Pink Chief Boutique offers “multichannel retailing”, which means we provide shopping by whatever means the customer wants to deal with us. We offer the customer the opportunity to shop via telephone, email, cellphone, in person at the store, or on our website, pinkchiefboutique.com. We understand that we are in a global market and that it is mandatory to have an interactive shopping experience. We offer loyalty incentives through the LoyalBlocks program, which is the world’s first automatic loyalty marketing platform. This helps us maintain relationships with our customers efficiency by rewarding them with incentives to continue to shop with us. Lastly, Pink Chief has an on staff Image Consultant to aid you in changing, developing, or enhancing your current look.


Dr. Anissa M. Jones is originally from Macon, GA, where she has been practicing Chiropractic Science for 15 years. She is the owner of It’s All Greek to Me (Sorority and Fraternity Paraphernalia shop) and Pink Chief Boutique (Women’s Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories) at 408 Third Street, Macon,GA 31201. You can check them both out on facebook, as well as their websites, itsallgreetomeonline.net and pinkchiefboutique.com, respectfully. Dr. Jones is currently practicing Chiropractic at Lokey Chiropractic Center on 3048 Napier Avenue, Macon, GA 31204.

Dr. Jones received her B.S. in Biology at Fort Valley State University; she then went on to receive her Doctorate in Chiropractic Sciences from Life University. Eight years ago, she went back to school earned her MBA from Wesleyan College. As an doctor and educator for the past 17 years, Dr. Jones is very serious about preparing the next generation of leaders. It is her mission to make sure that everyone that she encounters is equipped with the necessary skills to achieve greatness in the current economic market. Dr. Jones says, “it is with both knowledge and know-how that we succeed.” Margaret Thatcher said it best, “Watch your actions it becomes your character. Watch your character it becomes your destiny.” These are words that she embodies and strive to teach others. .Her mantra: I don’t want the whole pie, just my slice.